Sample videos: Excerpts from Before They're Grown Videos

"It was easy, fun and interesting."

-Miles, Age 7

"She was really patient with my crazy sister."

-Anderson, Age 7

"She was stilly. And nice."

-Megan, Age 4

"She made me feel comfortable."

-Jake, Age 9

"I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more. This video is a priceless memory we've shared with family and friends."

-Erin, Mom

Before They're Grown Videos:


While we cannot stop our children from growing up, we can preserve who they are today. One Love Productions specializes in creating priceless videos of your children. We utilize a question and answer format to capture your child's thoughts at this moment. We encourage you to help us individualize the experience by providing your own questions, however we have many tried and true questions at your disposal. 

Before They're Grown Videos are excellent gifts for parents and grandparents. Our customers tell us that they are watched countless times and are treasured dearly. 





  • 1-2 Children

  • Up to 15 questions

  • Chapter titles and closing music

  • Electronic video file for sharing

  • Custom printed DVD

  • 1 DVD with custom menu & chapter





  • 3-6 Children

  • Up to 12 questions

  • Chapter titles and closing music

  • Electronic video file for sharing

  • Custom printed DVD

  • 2 DVD with custom menu & chapter


PHOTO SLIDESHOW: Create a photomontage to celebrate your child's birthday or special occasion. These videos are a great keepsake and wonderful to share with family and friends.

$200.00 for one song up 45 photos

$400.00 for 3 songs up to 150 photos


  • Creatively edited to music of your choice

  • Smooth transitions between photos

  • Movement applied to photos to help engage the viewer

  • Opening/Closing text on screen

  • Video segments may be added

  • 2 Custom printed DVDs and Electronic video file for sharing


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Christi L. McCaverty

Tel  310.386.0611

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