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Bobo's Beach Bocce Ball Tournament


Hosted by our gracious and cheerful hosts
Greg and Ellen Hull
4409 The Strand, Manhattan Beach

Saturday October 28th, 2023

10:00am check-in, 11:00am hard start time

$70.00 a Team/$20.00 for each Groupie
Spots are subject to be given away if not checked in 10:25... no refund!


  • Two person teams (find a partner and enter as a team)

  • Pool format (the pool method ensures that each team plays a minimum of 3 games)

  • Toothsome and abundant food and drink provided to the players and groupies


  • Bocce ball is fun

  • Bocce ball is known to create lifelong friendships

  • Bocce ball is known to lower blood pressure and cholesterol

  • Bocce ball on the beach provides 273% of the RDA of Vitamin D

  • Bocce ball is known to create a euphoria similar to intoxication

Here's What You Gotta Do: Download and print the                    , fill it out and submit it by Friday, October 13th with all appropriate fees. Venmo (don't protect your money - it charges $2.00), Zelle and online registration are available (see below)! Please select Friends/Family so no fee is withheld and send to: Venmo @cmccaverty or Zelle: 31.386.0611 *Please indicate BOCCE. Or cash/check made out to: Kristin Drew and please leave with the Allison or Mike with your entry form at Ercoles. *Make sure they know what it is for and put it in the envelope for Kristin. 

A random drawing for pool placements will occur on the morning of July 31st. Initial game assignments will be revealed by 9:30am. Lateness could result in a forfeit & losing your money, and possibly being banned for years. Oh snap! So be ready to start on time... well, maybe after a Bloody Mary. 

If you sign up and can no longer make it, please find a replacement & you will be refunded! If no replacement, unfortunately no refund & future participation is questionable. Luckily, it’s never come to this. Please don’t be the first, we won’t be held responsible for the actions we take. 

Due to the rising costs of running this event, rather than increase the entry fee, we have decided to remove the cash prize. Bragging rights are more fun anyway!

Electronic payment options: Venmo: @cmccaverty // Zelle: 310.386.0611 or // Paypal (below or) same email.


Registration is not complete until it is accompanied by Venmo, Zelle or Credit Card payment. If sending a check to Kristin, please make note in the "Notes" section below.

Success! Message received.

PayPal takes a fee, so it is $73.00

If paying for more than a team (i.e. Groupie), please send total through PayPal to:

Venmo: @cmccaverty

If only paying for a TEAM - Select Buy Now to pay $70.00 (plus fee)

Otherwise pay directly through PayPal website.

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