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WHY "One Love"?


Mostly in memory of my mother who died at the early age of 55 from                                                      . “Love,” was one of her favorite pet names for me growing up.  And I feel like I owe the success of my happiness in doing what I love, to my mom.


After many years of begging, my mother surprised the family with a video camera during the summer of 1990. Since I was young I have loved shooting and the concept of editing.  The first thing I put together was produced through the use of my video camera and my VCR at the age of 12. From that day on it became a dream to be able to edit my own videos in my own home. That day finally came true in April of 2001.


Thanks to my father for allowing me to move home after college I was able to save up enough money to buy all my start up equipment within 6 months of starting my job. I sat at my new desk and just starred at my new system. Final Cut Pro was loaded up on my two monitors waiting for me to edit my recent trip to Mexico. I thought of my mother and realized how I was living my dream. 


I noticed the three little birds in the upper left corner of my View Sonic monitors… Bob Marley, who wrote that song, has been a huge inspiration to me since I was 12. His music and his positive influence helped me through some really hard times.


I sat back, smiled and said-ONE LOVE.


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