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Sample video: Excerpt from a Legacy Video

Legacy Videos:


Want to preserve a family member's legacy for future generations to cherish and enjoy?  Allow One Love Productions to assist you from start to finish in creating a great keepsake for the whole family.  We can supply suggested questions and help guide you through the question and answer session. Families can also submit questions to make it more personal for each specific individual.  The video can feature a family member talking about their life, or multiple family members sharing stories and memories of another family member. These videos are shot documentary style and can have images and video cut in to create a true documentary of one's life. We provide 3 point lighting, wireless microphone and a 2 camera shoot. 

Contact One Love Productions for more information!


CLASSIC LEGACY VIDEO: Question & answer session, lightly edited together to tell their story.



  • Up to 90 minutes of interview

  • Chapter titles and opening music

  • 1 revision with family member

  • 1 DVD with custom menu & chapters

  • *Note - Additional pictures and/or videos are not included in this package


*PREMIUM LEGACY VIDEO: Question & answer session, edited documentary style with pictures, video, music and graphics to really bring their story to life.



  • Up to 120 minutes of interview(s)

  • Chapter titles and opening music

  • Up to 60 pictures added over video with audio narration

  • Video inserts*

  • 1 revision with family member

  • Electronic video file for sharing (Jump Drive can be purchased or supplied by you)

  • Digital files available for purchase


PHOTO SLIDESHOW: Create a photomontage to celebrate the life of a loved one. These videos are a great keepsake and a wonderful way to remember a family member.

$200.00 for one song up 45 photos

$400.00 for 3 songs up to 150 photos


  • Creatively edited to music of your choice

  • Smooth transitions between photos

  • Movement applied to photos to help engage the viewer

  • Opening/Closing text on screen

  • Video segments may be added

  • Electronic video file for sharing

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